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by Jon Cooper

If you didn’t already know, luckily for us there are some blogs out there that managed to remove the rel=nofollow tag from their blog comments. This means you can get quality, dofollow links from just commenting on a blog! Yes, you do have to contribute 3-4 high quality sentences relevant to the subject, and still your comments might get rejected, but nonetheless this is a great way to learn SEO & gain some dofollow links at the same time. So, I did some research and created a high quality dofollow blogs list.

When I created the list I wanted to make sure they were blogs that YOU could comment on – some people have lists with all types of dofollow blogs, like financial, small business, and even a yoga blog, and not all of us can provide helpful comments to those blogs that can get accepted. Chances are that if you’re here on this SEO blog, you know a little bit of SEO. This means that I’m providing a list of dofollow blogs that YOU can relate to – mostly SEO, Internet Marketing, Blogging, and personal blogs. I made sure to only choose dofollow blogs that are updated frequently. I checked each one manually to make sure they’re dofollow. So, here’s the dofollow blogs list, organized as such: URL, Page Rank, and subject of blog (updated 7/18/11).

Dofollow Blogs List

  1. adsenseurdu.com – 2 – Adsense, Blogging, SEO
  2. affordable-internet-marketing.com – 4 – Internet Marketing, SEO
  3. another-blogger.com – 3 – Blogging, Making Money Online, SEO
  4. barrywise.com – 3 – programming, SEO, web development
  5. betterbloggingforbloggers.com – 3 – Blogging
  6. blog.articlesnatch.com – 5 – Article Marketing, SEO, Social Web
  7. bloggeruniversity.blogspot.com – 4 – Blogging, Internet
  8. bloggingwithoutablog.com – 3 – Blogging
  9. bluehatseo.com – 5 – SEO
  10. bosmol.com – 3 – Social Media, Web 2.0
  11. clicknewz.com – 4 – Internet Marketing, Blogging
  12. corporateraiter.com – 1 – Advertising, Internet
  13. currybet.net – 5 – Personal Blog, Journalism, Digital Media
  14. deardrmoz.com – 4 – Personal blog
  15. dougchampigny.com – Internet Marketing
  16. dreamsystemsmedia.com/blog – 4 – Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media
  17. freelanceseoindia.co.in/seo-freelancer-india-blog – Internet Marketing, SEO
  18. grokdotcom.com – Internet Marketing, SEO
  19. hellboundbloggers.com – 0 – Technology, Social Media, WordPress
  20. idowebmarketing.com – Internet Marketing
  21. kikolani.com – 5 – Blogging, Blog Marketing, Social Media
  22. kimrandall.me – 3 – Internet, Social Media
  23. marketing-results.com.au/blog – 4 – Internet Marketing, SEO
  24. markrushworth.com – 2 – SEO
  25. memwg.com – 4 – Adsense
  26. seoaddicted.com – 2 – Internet Marketing, SEO, Web Development
  27. seo-expert-web-design-services.com – 2 – SEO, Web Design, WordPress
  28. smuggecko.com – 5 – SEO
  29. thebitbot.com – 3 – SEM, SEO
  30. theopinion.in – 1 – Blogging, Social Media, Technology
  31. wassupblog.com – 4 – Blogging, Making Money, SEO
  32. wordpress-websitebuilder.com – 4 – WordPress
  33. dumblittleman.com – 6 – Productivity Advice

Now here’s a short list that use nofollow links for your commenting name, but they use CommentLuv – a tool that creates a link to your latest post on your RSS feed, and it’s a dofollow link.

  1. comluv.com – 5 – Blogging, Guest Blogging
  2. geeks4share.com – 4 – Blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO
  3. seocopter.com – 1 – SEO
  4. techpatio.com – 3 – Blogging, Social Media, Technology

Yes, I know you can find another dofollow blogs list with a larger number, but who has time to comment on 50+ blogs? I made sure only to feature blogs that you can relate to & comment on, as well as ones that are high quality and are updated frequently (for the most part). If you are having problems with any of the blogs above, please let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! Please subscribe to my RSS or stumble this page. Do you think there are any high quality dofollow blogs that I left out? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Kim says:

    I am trying hard to build links to my site. This is a great list of dofollow blogs but I am wondering how I can check blogs myself for the dofollow so I can find ones industry related to my cabin decorating site? Do I use the view source and will it show if comments are dofollow or just the page I am on? Thank you!

  2. of the last 4 by the way, dumblittleman is the only dofollow blog

  3. Ritesh says:

    my blog is too a dofollow blog,you can add it to your list,if you dont mind

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Thanks Ritesh! But I don’t take requests for blogs to be added :(. This is because I want to make sure the blogs above are as high quality as possible, or else every blog on the Web that removes the nofollow attribute will ask me.

  4. ndark says:

    thanx for sharing the list.

Dofollow Blogs List – Blogging & SEO Blogs