Dec 15

Should You Only Acquire Links That Drive Revenue?

by Jon Cooper

I’ve recently heard from a few people over the last year or two that, as link builders, we should only be focusing on links that drive traffic & revenue.

Earlier this week I watched a video posted on Twitter from Wil Reynolds, which you’ll find below. I have huge respect for Wil (interviewed him here in 2012; still worth a read), and in general, I believe that what he says in the community comes …

Apr 6

The Longevity of Links for SEO

by Jon Cooper

Note: if you just want to skip to my conclusions, you can find them here.

Recently, I had a bit of a breakthrough.

As we’ve expanded the agency, I was finally able to use our internal resources to build out & rank our own projects. I’ve always had the mindset of “drinking our own Koolaid”, and as we’ve gone down this path, I recently stumbled into a rabbit hole …

Sep 24

Link Building Outreach Platforms Compared

by Jon Cooper

In this post we’re going to compare the most popular solutions for conducting & managing link building and/or PR outreach.

Which one should I use?

After my research & testing, it pains me to give such one-dimensional answers (cue waves of criticism), but since that’s what a lot of you are looking for, here’s the TL;DR version of what you should use:

Small business owners – Google Drive / Excel ($0/anything/month) Solo person or …

Jul 7

Social Influencer Prospecting with Co-Citation

by Jon Cooper

A few Saturday nights ago, I had a bit of a eureka moment.

I’d been thinking about how we could prospect for social influencers in a way that was more data driven than the current approach of doing keyword searches on tools like Followerwonk.

An interesting feature of BuzzSumo was introduced to me a few weeks prior by AJ Ghergich (@SEO), a marketer that’s very talented when it comes to content …

Jun 2

Targeting ‘Where to Buy’ Pages for Large eCommerce Sites

by Jon Cooper

Even if the post isn’t 100% directly relevant to you, there are a few tips & tidbits (i.e. my Mechanical Turk project settings, a few outreach tips, etc.) that should be useful to anyone.

I wanted a chance to share an advanced link building process that we’ve been using internally for large eCommerce sites that carry thousands of different brands in their inventory.

For these kinds of sites, there’s one type of low-hanging fruit that’s …

May 12

28+ Stories of Failed Link Building Experiments

by Jon Cooper

At the heart of link building is attention to detail. If one item is out of place, then it could spell disaster for a campaign.

Therefore, it can be extremely helpful to learn what HASN’T worked. There are so many things that could go wrong, so it’s important to know what those things are, which is why I enlisted the help of some of the most brightest thinkers in the industry.

The tactical takeaways …

Mar 11

Introducing LinkMiner – Broken Link Checker on Steroids

by Jon Cooper

We’ve created a more sophisticated broken link checker for SEOs that allows you to make quicker insights on the links you’re checking. You can download the Chrome extension for free here:

Get The Extension Here

The rest of this post will contain documentation on what it does & how to use it.

This is only the initial version, and I already have a list of additional improvements that I will be making, which …

Jan 27

What Link Building Tactic Is Going To Get Flamed Out Next?

by Jon Cooper

The cool thing about being in the position I am as a blogger who writes about link building is that I get to hear from a lot of people and hear what they’re currently doing to build links.

The current time period is no different from any other in the 5 years I’ve been doing this. There’s one tactic that’s getting used & abused by a lot right now, and eventually, it’s going to get …

Oct 22

Deeper Prospecting with Backlink Analysis

by Jon Cooper

If you’ve built links before, then you know about the inevitable brick wall that you hit once you’ve run out of link prospects.

One of the two main ways of finding prospects, backlink analysis, yields some really low hanging fruit, because you’re finding pages that you already know are linking to the same / similar thing as you. But the well runs dry far too quickly.

However, a spark lit in my head recently that …

Sep 9

Advanced eCommerce Link Building Guide

by Jon Cooper

Have you ever been so excited about something that you’ve had to consistently discipline yourself to keep from ruining the surprise?

Over the last 6+ months, I’ve been working on something specific to those who are building links for eCommerce websites, as I know the unique challenge these companies produce on the link building side of things. And it’s finally open to the world.

The guide is now live to the general public right here: …

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