Oct 1

How I Use Content for Link Building

by Jon Cooper

When most people think content for link building, they think “link attraction” (hands off link building that starts and ends with you hitting publish).

Even though that’s a strategy we all aim for (who doesn’t want links to build themselves?), that’s not how I use content for link building.

Here’s my process:

Find interest –> Create targeted content –> Smarter outreach

Essentially, I’m creating content for the purpose of better outreach. 

Sep 17

The Part of Content Marketing Everyone Skips Over

by Jon Cooper

Before you even start reading an article, blog post, infographic, or anything else online, you’ve already made a few critical assumptions about it. These assumptions quickly become facts in your mind, and it’s VERY unlikely they’ll ever change.

The reason behind this is the same one that’s responsible for people going to important meetings wearing suits, not t-shirts.

In terms of content, as well as many other things, presentation is vital. Design is what sets your …

Jul 22

Authority Guest Blogging Minus the Links & Traffic

by Jon Cooper

Stop. This isn’t the typical guest blogging post. I’m here to open you up to an entirely new game that guest blogging will introduce us to, and no, this has nothing to do with links & traffic. I’m really sorry because this is a link building blog, but please, keep reading.

Now that we have authorship markup, there’s a lot more at play when it comes to guest blogging. I’ll get straight to the …

Jul 9

Breathing New Life Into Old Linkbait

by Adam Henige

This is a guest post from Adam Henige at Netvantage Marketing.

When I was in middle school I was rocking some pretty tight blue jeans. For most of my later life I got a pretty good laugh when I looked back at what I considered a ridiculous style choice. Fast forward a few years and what came back? Skinny jeans. Granted, everything else that I wore in middle school would still get me laughed …

Jun 19

The Disconnect Between Content & Natural Links

by Jon Cooper

There are two types of link builders: ones who love content for building links naturally, and ones who think it’s complete BS. As a blogger who lets his content build links for him, and as a site owner with a library of content that hasn’t attracted a single natural, quality link, I’m on both sides of the coin.

The reason I can be on both sides is because:

Link building with content is completely niche …

Jan 9

A Guide To Producing Effective Egobait

by James Agate

This is a guest post by James Agate from Skyrocket SEO.

Egobait is an asset which is created to attract the attention of a specific person or group of people. It is essentially producing something that strokes the ego of the person/people/company featured.

Everyone has an ego, even the most influential players in your industry, and provided you execute your egobait in a subtle fashion, you’ll escape being labelled a sycophant and scoop up …

Nov 8

Is Link Building Becoming Content Marketing?

by Jon Cooper

Recently I’ve read numerous posts & watched a few webinars about link building, and one of the most talked about & successful forms of link building is known as content marketing. Content marketing describes using great content (link bait) to attract links & use in outreach. Every time I find a new post about link building it’s always on this subject. With things like Google’s recent freshness update, I’m starting to realize that the term …

Oct 17

Dead Content Recreation Best Practices

by Jon Cooper

Lately I’ve been preaching dead link building as the #1 legitimate link building strategy. The reason it puts a smile on the face of link builders like me is because you’ll never run out of links to get. There are countless broken links found all over the web on highly authoritative pages, so why not recreate the content at the broken links & then ask to replace the link with a link to your …

Jul 7

SEO Blogging Part 1: Creating Your Blog

by Jon Cooper

Competition grows every day, and any website owner knows that if they don’t keep up with the latest techniques, ideas, and news, they are at a serious disadvantage. What is now becoming a wide spread phenomenon, blogs are sweeping the Web, as almost every SEO friendly website has one in one form or another (you’re on mine right now!). Creating constant original content is key to any website’s success in the rankings, and …

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