Buzzle is Dead

by Jon Cooper

You heard it here first: Buzzle is dead. They offer no incentives for authors & no link building opportunities, so I really don’t see them growing in the near future. Buzzle used to be a great article directory that not only ranked well, but also gave article marketers the ability to get a few quality links. A little over a year ago Buzzle made the push for original content, which at the time I was ok with. You could get a link in the article and one on your author page (to my understanding), which was not a horrible tradeoff. But now, it’s kind of a joke.

The reason I’m talking about this is because I’m currently in my niche link building campaign. Don’t worry, I’ll write about everything I find (I’m hoping this upcoming post can be my first legitimate linkbait on this blog).

I tried to go down the line on every possible article directory & original content hub just to see what happens, and shortly after I was accepted as an author, I went to submit an article. I was disappointed when I found I couldn’t get at least one link in the author box, so I went to check out my author page. You could put in a homepage URL, but it doesn’t show up.

My first thought was that maybe that’s only for new authors, so I went and checked out some of the featured authors. It turned out that it was the same for them! I spent the next fifteen minutes searching for any benefits of being an author, even if it’s just contact info to give the author credit, but I found nothing. You literally have no way to get in contact with these authors even if you tried (well, not through Buzzle at least). Now because of Panda, you don’t even rank nearly as well! Lastly you can’t even earn money through Buzzle, so it’s pretty much pointless.

I’m addressing this because Buzzle has hit the top of many authoritative lists on content hubs, but for terrible reason. Maybe a year ago they were great, but today they’re crap. If you think about using it for any link building, SEO, or reach, then stop before you waist your time. I recently found a post right here that feels the same way. This guy (and his commenters) talked about their very poor mistreatment as authors. One of them said they’d been posting high quality articles on Buzzle for 3 years then was thrown under the bus: all of his articles got randomly deleted after Panda after part of a “clean up of buzzle”. If you want to know how not to succeed on the Web, check out Buzzle.

Thanks for listening to my rant. If you’re into cutting edge link building, then you NEED to checkout my link building course. Whether you’re new or a veteran, I guarantee it’ll help you build better links.

Comment right now and tell me anything I missed!

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  1. FIMS says:

    Feel for those who posted genuine articles and took the time to write them, hub pages took best strategy to counter act panda update, creation of sub domains for each author, meaning in theory only those who write rubbish stuff, get penalised.

  2. Simon F. says:

    Thanks Man, I’m new to this and was recommended Buzzle through Pat Flynn’s SPI article, was scratching my head for a bit not being able to see the links, unless I am missing something it seems article alley has gone the same way?

    • Jon Cooper says:


      Unfortunately no, you can’t get any links from the articles anymore, so it’s really a lose-lose for the writers. I’m honestly baffled why anyone is still writing for them.

      I didn’t know article alley is going the same route, thanks for letting me know! I’ll pass on that bit of info 🙂

  3. Tina says:

    Thanks for clearing this up, I thought I was imagining things, but no, they really are that stupid.

  4. Tony says:

    They not only do not allow backlinks, but they deleted all my articles I submitted to them that had them!
    Of course, it all made me more than a little bit disgusted with them for wasting my time. I cannot see how anyone would be so insane as to give them articles now.

  5. stephanie cullens says:

    Well,I joined buzzle at the end of 2009 and I gave my story a little break at the end of 2010 and then I again started writing it.Because of my exams ,I again took a break off in december,2011.I joined back yesterday and posted two of my chapters.
    In the meantime,yes,I truely agree that many of my articles got wiped off and I was like WHAT THE HELL!
    I texted a message to the editorial team and they said that they were going through some kinda technical whatever.After few hours,I was able to recover the chapters back(thank god) but I wasn’t lucky to have the wiped comments too.(I was really disheartened as I got a lot of comments in the last few chapters and they all got wiped out)
    Even though you are right but I still like writing and yes,its true that one doesn’t get paid but I sincerely like it when I am bored.And I think it important what you feel about writing.
    So,good work but I still like it.(as long as I won’t finish up my story.I will stop writing after I complete my story)
    And I really don’t know what happened to the writers of buzzle because recently started reading a story(I won’t name it.It would be wrong to insult anyone),and trust me,I thought it was a crap.I mean,sincerely,what the hell just happened there!
    Buck up!Nice blog!

  6. Anthony says:

    The sad part is… they have great articles on that site.
    I go there from time-to-time and randomly checkout
    some of their articles.

    Panda seemed to clear out a lot of sites, unfortunately.

  7. Kristy says:

    I know that they don’t pay the writers anything but I can tell u why they still have people writing for them. Those people are doing it for fun so that they can be appreciated. And if u want 2 contact the other authors through facebook or something! That’s what they’re for, Ok! It’s a great site and lots of people still like it so keep ur opinion to yourself!

  8. Catherine says:

    hey here’s some news for u guys – buzzle has its office in pune, India where there are about 60 to 70 writers writing articles for them everyday. And yes they do get paid for it!!!! shocking that they dont bother to pay us Americans, inspite of knowing it is in America where its readership is!!! Boycott those losers if u love your country

  9. CF says:

    Glad i read this before i started my article. Recently submitted to Ezine but its seems to take forever to get the article reviewed etc. Might try Goarticle, seems like a good ranked site and you have the ability to add a few links too

    Cheers for the blog


  10. Abel Sander says:

    It makes one wonder what came to Buzzle’s staff to have changed the whole system into something they prefer to call as originality, but is actually as good as dead. Many people have withdrawn from the site and it would take a lot to get back up with this downfall.

  11. gifts unique says:

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    Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  12. Nate Jackson says:

    I just signed up to be an author for buzzle this past week and got approved. I was disappointed that there is no way for your readers to contact you. There is a box in the profile for your URL, but it doesn’t appear when your profile is displayed to the readers. I hopped on google to see if I was missing something and I came across your site. Needless to say I will be wasting no more time with buzzle. I wasted enough going through their application process. BTW, you have two checkboxes for “notify me of followup comments by email”

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