Appsumo Product Review

by Jon Cooper

So lately I’ve been coming across quite a few ads for Appsumo, a website that gives away web related deals. Chances are that you have come across them too – they’ve been written about on a few highly trusted tech websites. This prompted me to do my first ever product review. My product reviews are totally unbiased, I do them voluntarily, and I have no connection whatsoever to the product being reviewed. With that said, let’s analyze Appsumo.

Well, Appsumo is pretty simple. You give them your email, and they provide you with web related deals. As a lover of SEO, Web Design, Programming, and WordPress, this is a great website. It’s kind of like a Groupon/Living Social coupon deal, but for web geeks.

Because I’m all about the free stuff, I’m always waiting for their Free Deal. They feature a free deal every once in a while, and they are usually worth looking into. So far, I’ve done two free deals. The first one was an Andrew Warner interview of Rand Fishkin, the SEOmoz CEO. They talked about the basics of startup SEO, which had some great info, even for an experienced SEO like me. I also received a free deal on a startup package. Even though the package only included 3 free trials to different websites (Adroll, Snappages, and VuRoom), it still opened me up to them. I’m always looking for new websites for SEOs to take advantage of, and these provided a few new ones I hadn’t heard of.

Another thing I like about Appsumo is that they get connected with some of the top SEO websites to give away great deals. Recently, Search Engine Journal connected with Appsumo to give away 3 1-year subscriptions to SpyFu, a great SEO tool that helps identify your competitor’s keywords and advertisements.  They’ve also conncted with SEOmoz to give away a 1-year SEOmoz Pro subscription.

Ok, there isn’t much to review, and all I’ve said so far are positive things, but in the end Appsumo is pretty simple. Personally, I recommend signing up with them and just looking into the free deals, because all you have to do is provide an email. Some of their paid deals look appealing, but I’m not a guy who pays for much of anything.

So, if you’re interested in Appsumo, click on this link. If you’ve already tried Appsumo, I’d love to hear what my readers have to say. Also, if there are any SEO products on the web you’d like me to do a review of, please either comment below or contact me on my “Contact Us” form.

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Appsumo Product Review