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Welcome to Point Blank SEO, my link building blog! Here you’ll find all the information you need to start building high quality, white hat links in order to move up in the SERPs. This blog helps all link builders, both beginners and experts, in learning how to build quality links in a productive & time efficient manner.

I’ve lived & breathed link building exclusively for the last three years, digesting every link building strategy known to man. I’ve consulted with clients on shoestring budgets, in highly competitive niches, and with little to no links prior to my services.

About Me

Jon CooperHi! My name is Jon Cooper, I’m an SEO consultant and a student at the University of Florida. I’ve been doing SEO for 4 years now, and from the very beginning, link building caught my eye. I got my first gig working on my neighbor’s website, and from there, I started experimenting & launching a few sites of my own.

Today, I’m a link builder who follows about 20-30 blogs and 50-60 fellow link builders. I’ve had a few more clients since my first, but balancing SEO with my faith, education, and other side projects has been something I continue to battle on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here, tweet at me @pointblankseo, or find me on Google+.

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