Use Ranker.com for Link Building

by Jon Cooper

Recently I came across a pretty cool content hub worth looking into. Ranker.com is a site in which you can create Top # Lists and publish them in their online community (i.e. top 5 SEO Blogs, top 5 Restaurants in New York, etc.). The more I look into the different list people have published, the more I see it isn’t too hard to take advantage of this site in terms of link building. Here’s what I mean.


Obviously you’re number one goal when finding a site like this is to build a few high quality links from it. Here’s their linking policy – You get a link to your profile, a link to the rest of your lists you’ve created, and a link to your website (Use your site’s name as anchor text; you should be able to get away with throwing a keyword or two alongside it as well).


At first glance, I thought it would be a little time consuming to create lists and publish them on Ranker instead of keeping them for myself, but when I looked into what other people created, it seems as though you aren’t expected to create much content. For example, you might need an opening paragraph, but you don’t need any real descriptions for each items. This means it shouldn’t take you more than a half hour at most to create a nice piece of content for publishing.


Here’s a few other advantages for a website like Ranker – you can build some credibility & trust in their community. There are quite a few of niches unconquered, so go ahead and add value and you should see some results. Get involved in their community by voting for other peoples ranks, helping build open lists, commenting on lists, and contacting other users in your niche directly (this results in those precious relationships you should always be building!).


Now, the big question – is it worth the time? With other unique content hubs like Suite101.com and Associatedcontent.com, I’m not so sure it’s worth the value of the links, but Ranker.com doesn’t require a whole lot of time. If you’re smart, you can rank things like infographics or videos, which would take you no more than 20 minutes to crank out a list. So yes, it is worth the time. Spend 60 minutes a week and create 2-3 lists, and before you know it, you’ve become an authority on a great site, creating links & trust at the same time. You can even market your content to build links to those pages, thus increasing the value of your links.

A few weeks after I posted this it was brought to my attention from Chris at Bloom SEO that the profile pages are ‘no-index’ if the lists you created are low quality. This brings us back to one of the fundamental of SEO – make everything you do as high quality as possible, especially for those who quite aren’t ‘there’ yet, because not only will it pay off in terms of link value, but your brand name is also on the line. You want people to associate your brand name with the content you write, and if it’s high quality, not only will you benefit in terms of link building, but also as a whole.


Check out my first Ranker post! It’s on Top 10 Unique & Interesting SEO Blogs.


Do you agree with me? I know I don’t always get these things right, and sometimes there’s never a right or wrong answer, but I’m dying to hear what you guys have to say. Please drop a comment below!


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  1. Rank Pursuit says:

    Nice find here. It looks like it’s a do-follow link also according to the SEOMoz toolbar.

    Have you checked to see if it’s been indexed yet?

  2. Jon Cooper says:

    Yep! Just checked this morning, it’s indexed. So what do you think – is it worth it, or could your time be better spent elsewhere?

  3. this site is definitely a site that Google pays attention to, at least judging by their Quantcast (2.4 million uniques and growing steadily), and compete/alexa/quantcast seems to indicate they get at least half their traffic from search engines. thanks for the tip!

  4. Yeah it’s definitely a good site to hit for some SEO juice. However, I realized they ‘no-index’ the profile page if you don’t create a decent list, which makes it pointless from an SEO perspective. But, once I made a decent list the links seemed to be do-follow and got indexed.

  5. Lon Harris says:

    Great post; thanks so much for checking out our site. (I’m Lon, the Director of Content for Ranker.) We definitely love getting in great list content, particularly from writers who really know their verticals well. Seems like you’re all on point as regards the way links index on the site, but if you ever have any questions, or want to let me know about a great list you’ve put up on Ranker, please feel free to e-mail me! It’s my first name (Lon) at ranker dot com.

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Wow, thanks Lon for taking notice! Ranker is a great tool, and I pride myself on giving readers the newest websites/tools to use in terms of link building.

  6. Nice info regarding ranker.com. will search more about this plugin than will surely gives it a try .thanks a ton for sharing.

  7. Thank you very much for your ideas to post comments. Its very interesting and tricky for a SEO person.

  8. Definitely going to have to look in creating a profile on Ranker.com. I absolutely love finding new places to build links!

    Any update on your experience there since you first started using it? Been a little over a month now I am curious as to what type of analysis you have.

    Thanks for sharing Jon!

    • Jon Cooper says:


      Since I created my initial article, I haven’t had the time to go back in and create another. The article has gotten a fair amount of page views, so it’s doing a lot better than an average article on article directory xyz. So yes, it’s been great as expected! Thanks 🙂

  9. James says:

    Jon you sure they aren’t all no-follow profile links?

    Even Lon Harris (an employee of Ranker, whose lists have had over 100k views) has a no-follow link.

    Useful resource in other ways though

  10. Darren says:

    Thank you for the great tip Jon. I checked out your list and have made one of my own for experimentation. I’m guessing the more popular the list, the more comments and the more link juice etc.

    Pretty impressive to get Lon from Ranker to post here too!

  11. Mareks says:

    Very good Article. Thank You a lot!

  12. Neil says:

    So, is the point here to get an article accepted that gets your profile linked followed, or to write something good that gets people to click your profile link (i.e. traffic), or to write posts where you plug in your own links to your own pages?

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Use Ranker.com for Link Building