How We Built Links in January 2012

by Jon Cooper

Admit it. This was an amazing month for link building. There are too many fantastic posts on the topic this month to count. From posts on new tools & strategies to those perfecting the oldest ones in the book, I’ve picked up a few tricks to add to add to my arsenal.

Here are some of my favorite link building posts from January 2012. 


From Point Blank SEO

A ton of great link building posts went live this month from my blog, but here are a few highlights you should check out.

4 Steps to Executing A CRO Approved Link Building Campaign – I run through an entire campaign, from start to finish, and how to get the best success rates during the acquisition stage.

Managing Link Quantity Expectations – Dan Petrovic brought up an issue with client communication. You have to be able to deal with quantity expectations correctly or else you or your team well be in for a stressful few months of chasing low quality links.

9 Search Query Combos for Scalable Link Building – Cleo Kirkland put together a list of search queries that can help you find specific, qualified prospects with a minimal amount of time.

5 Creative Broken Link Building Strategies – I got the chance to expand on broken link building as more of a foundation for other techniques, and not just a single one in its own. Link rot screams opportunity, so take advantage of it.

Introducing Scrape Rate – A New Link Metric – This is a raw idea that was finally expanded upon by Michael King. First read my idea, then check out this great extension off of it.

Domain Hunter Plus – Next Generation Link Checker – This is one of my new favorite tools, and I go into some detail on exactly how to use it. The features it has in comparison to other link checkers is just unfair.

Here are some of the link builders I got the chance to interview this month:

From Around the Web

The blogosphere was kind to the link building community this month. Check out some of the best of the best.

Linker Outreach: A Method for Social and Editorial Link Building – Jason Acidre wrote my favorite link building post of the month with this one. Learn how to do social prospecting & outreach with sites like Delicious, Google+, and StumbleUpon.

The End of Link Building as We’ve Known and Loved it – Eric Enge did a great job outlining the current state of link building we’re in today and how, if you don’t adapt, you’ll be left behind.

Scalable Link Outreach with Gmail and Boomerang – This post by Eric Convo is the first of two posts on Gmail from this month that you absolutely need to read. This goes very in depth on using Boomerang, one of the three or four Gmail Web Apps that are absolutely superb.

A Linkbuilder’s Gmail Productivity Setup – John Doherty absolutely kills it with this post on Gmail outreach. If there’s anything you get out of this one, it’s the fantastic real-life examples of outreach templates.

Backlink Data – Who is the Best Provider of them All? – We all use tools like Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO to check the backlink profiles of various sites, so comparing them with great data like this is outstanding.

Utilizing Second Tier Link Building for Massive ROI – Learn how to do secondary link building the right way. You’re missing out on link equity, traffic, and sales by not utilizing this.

Broken Link Building for Content Promotion – I’m a sucker for great content on broken link building. Garrett French introduces a few new ideas to add to this strategy.

Content Auditing for Link Builders – Why You Should Do It, Tips, and a Spreadsheet – Kristi Hines wrote up an awesome post on performing a content audit, a necessary process every link builder needs to take when dealing with a new client.

10 Hard-Hitting Link Building Tactics That’ll Boost Your Rankings – Neil Patel introduces some new ideas into content-based link building. Find out how to build links with drawings, quizzes, and even stories.

More Bang for Your Buck: Maximize Links on Old Pages – Cyrus Shepard tackled a topic I had not previously thought about. This is a must watch video on the effects changes on old pages have.

Link For The Real World, Not Just Your Site – Julie Joyce talks about how your link building efforts tie into your traffic-driving strategy for your site.

What Building 10,000 Links Taught Me About The Top 3 Link Building Myths – Julie Joyce (once again) has been building links for years, so find out what she’s learned from all of her experience.

10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait – This is my guest post on the SEOmoz blog on great examples of content that’s netted some serious link equity. Take what you learned here and apply it to your own content-based link building strategies.

Dear Google, How To Buy Links and Get Away With It – Nick Leroy talks about buying links, and, well, getting away with it. It’s scary how valid his points are. Whether or not you feel OK with buying links, you should read this to get a better idea of how paid links can look natural.


Honorable Mentions

Wiep Knol created an awesome venn diagram on link building, Debra Mastaler wrote up link building tool reviews of Ontolo and WordTracker, and Paddy Moogan talked about the power of lists for link building.


What did I miss? Please let me know of any link building posts from around the Web I left out that should have been included.

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Jon Cooper – who has written 129 posts on Point Blank SEO.

Jon Cooper is a link builder based out of Gainesville, FL. For more information on him and Point Blank SEO, visit the about page. Follow him on Twitter @PointBlankSEO.

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  1. “Admit it. This was an amazing month for link building.”

    …*silently stares at the screen*… Are you really serious about this? Are you new to link building?

    Nothing changed bro.

    (*noob jumps for joy when finds he got on first page* “google cut me some slack this month”)

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Lol luckily I don’t mind negative comments. I need something to laugh at every once in a while.

      Hope to see you badgering me more in the future! 😉

  2. Nick Eubanks says:

    If you are really looking for a good laugh you should read his rant on Whiteboard Friday where “after only 3 days on twitter” he has become a “sensation in the SEO community.” 😀

    • Jon Cooper says:

      LOL that’s great. But then again, he has a wordpress.com blog, and Rand only owns and started a multi million dollar company, so he’s probably right.

  3. Jeff Gross says:

    It’s good to get confirmed that link building after the Panda update is becoming different. With google panda we all know that things have changed and we must adopt the new rules. Being a beginner in SEO I would like to hear your thoughts on Eric Enge’s 15th Jan article on ‘end of link building’..

  4. Sharon Thoms says:

    Hi I was hoping you could tell the difference between commenting on follow and no follow blogs. I understand that the comment if it’s no follow means that you wont get a link to your website from the comment. What I don’t really understand is how you know if it’s a follow or no follow. Also how do I find out if my blog comments from my site http://routinehabit.com/blog are follow or no follow. How do I change it from one to the other and which one should I be using for my blog? Hope you can understand my question. Thanks in advance.

  5. @nick Banks + @Jon Cooper adhominoms do not make you right!

  6. Aleena says:

    Wow! I find your post interesting especially the part “Link For The Real World, Not Just Your Site”

How We Built Links in January 2012 - Point Blank SEO