Is the Yahoo! Directory worth it?

by Jon Cooper

If you are new to SEO, and have recently found some of the top directories, you have come across the Yahoo! Directory. For those more experienced, you know that there has been some debate over whether this directory is worth the payment of $299/year. Everyone wants to know, is it worth it?

Yes and no. I say this because there is always two sides of any argument, and in this case there is reason to or not to pay this based on your situation. The Yahoo! Directory is provides one of the best links any website can obtain, large or small, because of the trust of the link. You can gain a fair amount of traffic from the link as well, but is it worth the $299/year? I would say no only if you don’t have the budget to fit it in. If your budget is $450/year, spending two thirds of it on one listing is probably not worth it. Small websites are at a disadvantage for this website because of this. But at the same time this could be the best $299 you can spend if you are a larger website with a bigger budget. My website has the budget, and we take full advantage of this listing. Google likes to see trustworthy links, and you cant get much more trustworthy than a like from Yahoo!

Now some may ask would you rather have a listing in Yahoo! Directory or Business.com? My guess is if you can get a listing on Business.com that’s only a click or two away from the home page with a relatively low amount of other listings on the same page, than I would go with that listing. But for most, this might not be the case. You can’t go wrong with either, as they are both fantastic links that can gain trust from Google and a fair amount of traffic. Now, don’t feel obligated to be in them – there are other link building techniques that can prove just as worthy of your time and money, but I can guarantee you these directories are as safe a bet as you will find.

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