The Google Empire – Will it ever see its end?

by Jon Cooper

Personally, I’m getting a little scared. Google is building up some serious power on the Web, and even offline (Android phones), and currently I can’t see any end. Search engines are proving to be the highest revenue producing websites in the world, and Google has successfully taken over as number one in that department. Social networking is right there next to it, and Google has now jumped into the running with Facebook (personally I think Google+ will beat out Facebook, but that’s a whole different story). Google Offers is starting to look like a top coupon service that could and will easily contend with Groupon and Living Social. Google Confucius has been unveiled, which is a Q&A tool that integrates questions with search (see what I mean at SEO by the Sea’s post). Google Labs comes up with great new things every day, so out of the blue another huge department of Google could spring up.

Don’t you see? Google’s empire is expanding at rapid speed! Who knows where Google could be ten years from now. Never in the past have we seen a company grow to such lengths in our past. Yes, everything so far they’ve offered has been top-notch, and I can’t say anything bad about any of those things talked about above, but deep down we’ve got to be worried. Every great company will see its days come to an end, but I can say that with Google. Their roots are spread so far, that I honestly can’t say where it’s going to end. Who knows, they could expand on their Android phones and start making Android laptops & desktop computers, 3D Televisions… Alright, I went a little too far there, but hopefully you get the point.

This post is more of to get you guys thinking. I know I’ve been concerned with how great Google is, because there’s practically no one to keep them in check. Their search engine is responsible for 2/3 of all searches, their social network has way better features than Facebook, their Q&A site can integrate questions with search to help you find what you’re asking for quicker, their coupon system can also be integrated with search at some point, and it just seems never ending. My question is – is there anything they’re forgetting? I can’t think of another huge niche out their they haven’t conquered (or are at least working on).

What do you guys think? Am I crazy or does Google look like an empire that will never be touched?

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  1. I also thing some times, IS THERE ANY END of this giant beast called Google???

    You have to accept that they have changed the way this generation lives, first Online & now Offline as well. But sometimes it’s so scary to think about this.

    It looks like Google is trying to control the entire world from every possible way…Search Engine, Email, Mobile, Social Network & now Google Wallet is there to replace your credit card…!

    No one knows where it will end – i guess there is no end.

  2. Francois says:

    Yes, Google is getting very strong and it can be overwhelming to see that there is no end to where they are getting with this, but for the average end user it is a fantastic tool to have and use.

  3. Shaun says:

    (since THEY are watching…watching..judging)

    Google should keep expanding. They should match up potential relationship candidates, tell them where to live, and offer proper ovulation times for all Google couples. The United States of Google will be the most efficiently run country in the world, with millions of little Google kids working furiously in Google labs.

    Joking aside, Google owns the internet. As long as my website is on their good side, I’m happy with them!!

The Google Empire – Will it ever see its end?