The SEO Cycle: A Contrographic

by Jarrod Wright

Whether you've been in the industry for a while or if you're still just starting out, you've been there.

We've all at least once dipped our fingers into the shadier side of SEO. It's hard not to. Only very recently has Google started to finally crack down seriously on web spam in the SERPs, and even now there's still a ton of crap affiliate sites outranking brands. Sure, Google's heading in the right direction, but we're still not there yet.

That's why I thought this contrographic was an absolute perfect way to describe what's happened to SEOs at least once in their lives. It's also a great resource to show beginners, because I can guarantee they've at least thought about the shadier side of things.

So here's the first infographic to appear on Point Blank SEO!

SEO Infographic

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So, what do you think? Have you fell victim to this process (I have multiple times...)? I'd love to hear your thoughts below 🙂

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