Aug 8

You See A News Story, I See An Opportunity

by Jon Cooper

NOTE: A lot of the 404s were corrected and now have redirects. I wrote this post about 5 days ago while they were still 404ing; I wanted to publish it immediately, but because of an unforeseen issue, I couldn’t get it out until this very moment. I still wanted to publish it because you can learn something from this example, regardless if this specific example is no longer a reality.


And this year’s biggest …

May 24

Google’s Crossed the Line on SEO Publicity Stunts

by Jon Cooper

Some of what you see & hear being penalized by Google is a publicity stunt.

For example, when the blog networks that got deindexed roughly a month ago, only the biggest & most well known ones took a hit. Other smaller networks that you’ve never heard of went on their merry way. I’ve even used a couple for my niche sites during the last few weeks. Of course Penguin did a way with some of …

Apr 1

Breaking: Google Announces New “Pay Per Rank” System

by Jon Cooper

NOTE: This was an April fools joke. Nonetheless, enjoy 🙂

These last few weeks of debate over manipulating search results seem to have been the last straw for Google. After hearing the SEO community heavily discuss negative SEO, Google has decided that the only way to fight link spam is to make webmasters buy their way to the top of the SERPs.


Pay …

Oct 3

Buzzle is Dead

by Jon Cooper

You heard it here first: Buzzle is dead. They offer no incentives for authors & no link building opportunities, so I really don’t see them growing in the near future. Buzzle used to be a great article directory that not only ranked well, but also gave article marketers the ability to get a few quality links. A little over a year ago Buzzle made the …

Jul 11

Yahoo Site Explorer No Longer

by Jon Cooper

According to the Yahoo! Search Blog, the Yahoo! Site Explorer tool will be shutting down later this year. This news comes shortly after they announced Bing Webmaster Center will be the center for search tools for both Yahoo and Bing as party of the Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance. The tool will be shut down “once all markets are transitioned”.

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