Increase Website Conversion Rates in Three Ways

by Jon Cooper

This is a guest post by Chris Marentis at myblogguest.com.

A website, in order for it to be considered effective, should be able to motivate individuals to take action. There is one word which will summarize what an ideal website will be able to do with every visitor—convert. Conversion has a lot of meanings depending on the call-to-action which is raised in the website. For instance, the idea of conversion for a website which sells products online would be for a visitor to purchase an item online.

However, small business websites have another idea for the term conversion. For those who are taking part in lead generation, conversion may mean that a visitor has consented to giving his or her contact details and is willing to receive e-newsletters and other promotional material. It may also mean that a visitor has become an interested buyer and heads down to the brick-and-mortar store to purchase something. Regardless of which outcome you wish for, there are three strategies that a website can turn to in order to “convert”.

1. Provide links. This should be easy to do if your website is focused on a specific topic. The great thing with having links on your site is that it increases your website’s credibility. You can use links to help your visitors better understand your content. For instance, if you’re selling a particular product, when writing an article with regard to that product, you can link to another website which lists down the advantages of using such product. Or probably to a review site which covers the said product. By doing so, you are helping your visitor and prospect make up his or her mind.

2. Be clear. This is something which you website content should reflect. Visitors are attracted by graphics but they are convinced by the content that is posted on your website. For this reason, the write ups that appear on your small business website should be clear, entertaining, engaging and concise. You can make use of subtitles, bullet points and white space to aid visitors as they sift through your content. And make sure to write for visitors first, and search engines second.

3. Be organized. Visitors should be able to navigate through your website intuitively. Business owners often underestimate this but the fact is that people will not hesitate to leave your website if they have a difficult time finding the information which they are looking for. How will your website be able to convert if it can’t even make a visitor stay longer?


Chris Marentis enjoys writing about building businesses and marketing online. His company, Surefire Social, a local search marketing company and supplies internet marketing for local business. He has develped custom social media marketing solutions for many companies that brought them new fresh leads and grew their business.

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  1. Josh S. says:

    This was a great post, Chris. Conversion rate optimization is one of those things that easy to learn but difficult to master. We’ve written a similar series of posts pertaining to tracking and improving website conversions on our blog.

  2. Jon Cooper says:

    Josh –

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m currently checking out those posts 🙂

  3. A nice and simple post here. All 3 points are very basic and to the point and regardless of simplicity they are all extremely important practices to establish.

    I have a lot of troubles conveying how important it is to BE ORGANIZED when designing and developing a clients website. A lot of clients in the past have a lot of troubles grasping that aspect. It is so very important if you want to be able to keep a visitor on your site and get them to convert.

    – M

  4. Sirena Farid says:

    Many thanks for your website ! I’ve just subscribed to your news feed.

Increase Website Conversion Rates in Three Ways - Point Blank SEO