I’m Thankful for Being A Part of the SEO Community

by Jon Cooper

It might be a day late, but I really wanted to say how thankful I am for being apart of the SEO community, the #1 community on the Web.


The SEO community doesn’t discriminate between the most influential and the least, but rather by whether or not they provide awesome content or if they’re in need of help. For example, @SEOmoz took the time to tweet about one my posts on my blog (and post about it on their G+ account) and @WillCritchlow tweeted to me about a free video offering (I was asking @gfiorelli, not Will, but he took the time to enter the conversation). It’s small things like this that make the difference.


The SEO community shares other people’s content, even if they’re competition. There are numerous SEO companies out there, but the most influential ones aren’t only talking about themselves, but also about other great content, even if it’s created by a different SEO company.


The SEO community practices what they preach (at least the better SEOs do). If an SEO blogger is talking about a certain strategy, he doesn’t only write about it, but he does it and finds out the results for himself.


The most influential people in the SEO community are those who deserve it – just take Aaron Wall for example. He writes awesome posts, gives away free tools, and isn’t afraid to answer a few questions for a post on a relatively insignificant blog.


The SEO community helps its competitors – yes, you heard me correctly. There are numerous posts on creating, growing, and prospering your SEO Company, such as this one on Beanstalk who they themselves offer SEO services.


The SEO community goes out of their way to talk to even the most insignificant person. Like I stated at the top, I’ve been contacted by a few influential people & companies, but when commenting on the majority of SEO blogs the author takes the time to respond to each comment. You won’t find this to be held true in most other niches across the Web.


I could go on & on, but hopefully you get the idea – the SEO community is a unique one that helps anyone & everyone, and by providing endless free content on a number of blogs (like this one), anyone who wants to do SEO can do it. If you have any other reasons why the SEO community is so awesome, please leave them in the comments below!


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  1. Chris says:

    Beautiful design and nice website! That being said, your RSS doesn’t seem to work 🙂

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Yea, I know :(. The theme I’m using has really screwed with a bunch of things. I’m currently in the process of switching themes, releasing my new logo, and fixing a lot of the compatibility issues with the blog.

      Thanks for stopping by Chris 😀

I’m Thankful for Being A Part of the SEO Community - Point Blank SEO