Want to Guest Post?

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for my blog, here are some guidelines:

  • It needs to be about link building
  • It needs to be new content about link building; if you’ve read it somewhere else, I don’t want it
  • It needs to follow the copywriting tips outlined here
  • It needs to include at least one image
  • It needs to be detailed; i.e. no 500-600 word posts

Note that I only accept about 20% of the guest posts that are pitched to me, so there are no promises.

Still interested? Contact me with a few post topics; if I like one, I’ll let you know so you can get started. If I don’t, then you’ll have to brainstorm some new ones.

The reason I’m so stingy about the details is because my blog wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Strict editorial guidelines mean a much bigger reward for you and your post if & when it gets published.

Want to Guest Post? - Point Blank SEO