Jan 18

What Link Building Really Is

by Jon Cooper

The term link building has been around since the minute Larry & Sergey made links the centerpiece of the Google algorithm. Well, not exactly, but I think we can agree that it’s been around for a good while.

But over time, and especially in the age of Panda and Penguin, the term has grown to mean other things.

Today we might associate link building with content, and some might even claim link …

Sep 24

Introducing the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course

by Jon Cooper

Breathe in, breathe out.

After 3-4 months of writing, editing, design mockups, design tweaks, formatting, and feedback, I’ve finally finished my link building course for beginners & experts.

You can check it out here right now, but I urge you to please read on.

First of all, it’s nowhere near finished. That’s why this course is completely different than anything you’ll find on the Web. This is for a couple reasons:

Continuous improvement with …

Jun 25

Why Link Builders Should Think Like Salesman

by Jon Cooper

Today I finished reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. For those who don’t know, this is thee book about human relations.

After reading through his tips on how to influence people to do the things you want them to do, it struck me how his applications to sales can also be applied directly to link building.

While a salesman tries to get …

May 15

Faking Link Removal Notices

by Jon Cooper

The side effects of Google’s attempt to fight links through harsh penalties are really starting to add up.

After reading this post in which a site was wrongfully accused of having spammy links, one thought occurred to me:

What’s stopping black hats from sending off these emails pretending to be their competitors? 

Apr 18

Optimize Your Link Building with Twitter

by Chris Dyson

This is a guest post by Chris Dyson from Triple SEO.

The pure beauty of using Twitter as a link building tool is the ease by which you can quickly find the thought leaders and key influencers within any niche. Whenever I start working in a new vertical I try to learn more about whom these people are and what type of content are they sharing. A quick search with a service such as …

Apr 2

Dear Bing: What Are You Waiting For?

by Jon Cooper

This last Thursday night I decided to tune into #seochat, a week after I was featured on it (it was quite an honor; here’s the recap!). Duane Forrester, who manages Bing Webmaster Tools, was the guy answering questions this time around. Even though I didn’t realize it beforehand, I saw this as my opportunity to ask for a Bing replacement of Yahoo Site Explorer.

But since I was so used to a search …

Mar 30

30 Link Building Experts You NEED to Follow

by Jon Cooper

If someone recommends you follow just one person or read just one blog, then they’re flat out wrong. If someone told me that my blog is the only one they read to improve their link building efforts, I’d immediately write up a quick list of people they should follow & blogs to read.

This is that list. These are the people I learn from on a daily basis and keep me in check on what’s …

Mar 26

After Deindexing, Negative SEO Becomes A Major Issue

by Jon Cooper

White hats, you can finally say it: “I told you so!”

After Google finally took down a few blog networks, I think we can all sleep a little bit better knowing that what we’ve been telling our clients all these years & what we’re now seeing in the SERPs is starting to look a lot more similar.

But at the same time, another issue is on the horizon. These seemingly public outings of these blog …

Mar 16

What Link Building Might Look Like in 2014

by Jon Cooper

A day doesn’t go by without reading or hearing about the future of search. Almost every week people ask me about what the future might look like for link building. I had a few predictions I’ve wanted to bring up, and now that this article has the industry talking (depending on whether you think it’s PR buzz or not), I think it’s finally time to address what the future of link building might …

Mar 12

What do you want me to test?

by Jon Cooper

Numbers are awesome. Numbers make us more efficient. Numbers save us time, and they help us do things right the first time. Without numbers, there would be no analytics, and if we couldn’t analyze, then we could never improve.

With that said, I’m going to ask you all a favor. I need you to help me figure out what I should test. There are few data sets in the link building community that have revolutionized …

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