Free Stumbles, No Strings Attached

by Jon Cooper

Recently I have discovered how truly amazing StumbleUpon is and how it can bring some serious traffic to your site’s most interesting pages if you know how to use it. StumbleUpon is a discovery engine to help you find content on the web you would be interested in, so by typing in your interests, you can start stumbling upon new exciting web materials. My goal through this post is to get you in on some StumbleUpon traffic by giving out free stumbles.
First things first – if you don’t have the StumbleUpon add on for Firefox, you need to get it here. This will give you all the features of StumbleUpon while you are surfing the web, so if you like something, you don’t have to go to StumbleUpon.com to stumble it, you can just hit the “I like it!” button.
So, here’s the plan. I will stumble any website/page you want me to. If you’re lucky, other people will find your stuff, and if they like it, they will also stumble it, revealing it to more and more people. The ideal situation is to have your content being stumbled so more people get their eyes on your website. If your content is good enough, this means lots and lots of traffic.
For all those here just for the free stumbles, all you need to do is comment below in this format:
Stumble my website: *insert URL*
Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.
Now, will I still stumble your website even if it’s not in the above format? We’ll find out :).

OK guys, I want to let you in on a little link building secret (well it’s not a secret, but it’s pretty cool). Hopefully your site has at least one piece of link bait that people would openly link to and generally like. But chances are, you’re having a little trouble getting it seen by lots of eyes. This is where StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery comes in: You can get Paid Stumbles for $0.05 a piece, which is at least 10 times cheaper than advertising it through Adwords. Now, for each time someone likes your stumble, you get a free stumble, so all you have to do is get the ball rolling, and if your stuff is enjoyable/linkable, people will like it and BAM, your racking up free stumbles and tons of exposure. If you want to, check out Wiep Knol’s post on the subject and how successful this technique can be. UPDATE: Just found out that you have to choose either the $0.10 or $0.25 paid options to be allowed to earn free stumbles.

Currently I’m testing the above idea out on my link building techniques page. I’m going to start off by using $20 worth of credit, with a $2 limit a day, and seeing if I can get some free stumbles and more importantly a few links. Yeah, it’s not a lot of money at all, but I’m going to see what happens and blog about the results right here on my site.

Thanks guys for the read, and I hope you guys enjoy me stumbling your content at no cost. If you are a kind hearted person, you can do one of three things: Link to or Stumble this page, read my other posts on my blog and get involved by commenting and telling me your thoughts, or subscribing to my RSS Feed. Thanks again!!

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  1. Shashank says:

    Stumble my website: *http://fastgush.com*
    Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.

  2. Jon Cooper says:

    Consider your website stumbled. Nice layout!

  3. Ben says:

    Unsolicited thumb ups are not taken into account by StumbleUpon to prevent gaming.

  4. Jon Cooper says:

    Not necessarily. You can still recommend sites through StumbleUpon, and over time you can get exposure from this.

  5. Benjamin says:

    Stumble my website: http://20ez.com
    Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.lol

    Oh and I’ve also clicked I Like it on this post. Not just for the free stumble but because I really liked it. Very informative. Thx!

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Benjamin – your website has a great idea behind it! Oh and yeah I stumbled it :). Also, thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it!

      • Benjamin says:

        Thanks Jon!

        I’m really triying to bring ins swarms of traffic I think ima try the stumble paid service this weekend. Looks like its working really good for you.

        By the way do you do any freelance seo on the side? I’ve been looking for a good SEO guy.

        • Jon Cooper says:

          Not at the moment 🙁 but thanks for taking interest. Between a couple clients and this blog I’m trying to promote, I’ve got enough on my hands 🙂

        • Benjamin says:

          Oh I totally understand. I am also a freelance developer. I’m definitely taking pointers from your blog though.
          Good stuff!!

  6. Ted says:

    I have been a huge fan of StumbleUpon for years. I did not know about that paid discovery. That is a cool idea. I always hated being the first person to stumble on one of my own sites even if I knew that the content was worth stumbling. With that program, you can pay a few bucks to find out if your content was really worthy or not. Thanks for the tip.

    • Jon Cooper says:


      As you may know or not (depending on how you found this page), I decided to put a few bucks into paid stumbles for this blog post, just as an experiment. I think it’s the best advertising out there at only 5 cents a click + more free stumbles! Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Nishadha says:

    Well in the last two days I have also discovered the power of stumbleupon. Not only did it brings around thousand visitors to my website it only brought an increase in search engine rankings. I guess there is some truth that social elements pay a part in rankings. Also can you please stumble my website http://rumblinglankan.com

    Also after seeing the success from stumbleupon I will definitely try out the paid discovery method.

    • Jon Cooper says:


      Nice blog, it was definitely worth stumbling. And thanks for your input, I’m right there with you – I just discovered it (I’d heard the name tossed around, but I had no idea what it was), and I’m looking into paid discovery.

  8. Jon,
    This is very awesome of you and to show my support, I’m going to stumble the other links as well, unless I just cannot for reasons of taste.


    Godspeed Jon!

  9. Ann Davey says:

    Stumble my website: http://www.suite101.com/content/what-does-it-take-to-become-a-tour-de-france-cyclist-a380817
    Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.

    I’m going to have to check out the paid stumbles… great idea! Stumbled this page for you too!


  10. Lindy says:

    Stumble my website: *http://blog.anytrip.com/ten-bizarre-restaurants-to-eat-in-before-you-die/*
    Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.

    🙂 thank you 🙂


    • Jon Cooper says:

      Thanks Lindy, I read the article before I stumbled it, and it was great! That’s the kind of content I want showing up in my search results :).

  11. Juliemarg says:

    Please stumble my website http://juliegallaher.com

  12. Bob says:

    Hello, please stumble my blog too! 🙂
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  13. Jon says:


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  16. Mendie says:

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    Thank you!!

  17. Ayca says:

    Hi Jon!
    Thanks for the free stumbles & for your support…

    Thank you!

  18. DDH says:

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    Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.

    Great site good luck with all you do!

  19. Rick says:

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  20. Jon,
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  26. Very Cool! I stumbled your site. Thank you!

  27. Debbie says:

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  28. Jim says:


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  30. Jack says:

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    Just started a new job in SEO and learning so much from you!

    Thanks Jack

  31. Neil says:

    Please stumble this page from my site: http://leanmassgains.com/7-ways-to-gain-less-fat-in-the-holiday-season

    I always KNEW you were the greatest.

    I’ve been playing with the Paid Discovery option recently, but haven’t received any free stumbles yet 🙁 perhaps I should choose the higher cost option if they roll over stumbles when someone likes the content (my like ratio is 90+%)

    Great blog by the way – I found it through this page, and will have a look through your other posts too.

    • Jon Cooper says:


      Thanks a bunch! I went ahead and stumbled the page. If you want free stumbles, you have to be paying for 10 cents a stumble or more (the cheapest option doesn’t offer free stumbles). Good luck – the post you wrote was superb, so you shouldn’t have a hard time promoting it!

  32. Vic says:

    Stumble my site. Regards

  33. Neil says:

    Thanks Jon. This site has really opened my eyes – the link to Pat Flynn’s stuff was awesome too *used up 8 hours of yesterday*

    I’ve struggled with Viral marketing – I also wrote a free book (http://livingtribal.com) which I thought would go viral, but it bombed. I guess there’s a lot to learn here…

    • Jon Cooper says:

      I too spent nearly 8 hours on Pat’s niche stuff when I first discovered it!

      On your free book, don’t get discouraged. If you don’t fail, then you can’t learn from your mistakes. You’ll start to learn that it isn’t as much about the quality as it is about the influence – Pat could right a subpar ebook & you could write a godly one, but Pat’s ebook will sell more & have a higher chance of going viral because of who he already knows. Building influence takes time.

  34. Neil says:

    Yeah – I thought that writing good free content and putting it out there would be enough, but I keep forgetting that the Reddit traffic (my biggest source) is already a reasonably knowledgeable audience. The real deal will probably come from SEO getting newbies coming through from Google. Either that or I’ll discover another hole in my web domination plan at that point and have to find something else to spend my money on!

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Just make sure that you define your goals & how you will get there – the worst thing you can do is continually throw mud at the wall and hope something works!

  35. Neil says:

    I’m devoting a lot more of my attention to SEO now – I didn’t really understand it and I think it’s the sensible long term option. After all, there’s only so many people using Reddit, and there are billions more using Google.

  36. nathan says:

    Stumble my website: http://blog.knowyourearth.com
    Check it out, the site’s awesome.
    Thanks for the free stumbles, I always thought you were the greatest.

Free Stumbles, No Strings Attached