Free SEO Resources To Take Advantage of

by Jon Cooper

Luckily for us, there are some great free SEO resources out there that can help us with our daily SEO. Because they each perform a unique task, it can be difficult finding the ones that could be the most helpful, so I did a little research and this is what I found. Today I’d like to break down 8 free SEO resources that can help you gain traffic, exposure, and an SEO advantage. These aren’t your typical websites – we aren’t talking back site explorers, backlink checkers, Adwords tools, or anything not already talked about.

Here’s a great tool that any marketer should think about using. If you develop an e-book, app, or even a PDF that has value, you can use this website to make it downloadable only if the customer tweets about it. This can create some great exposure – when they tweet about it, others get curious, and they want to download it. Then they tweet, and the next set of eyes look into it, and you’ve created a ton of exposure. This is an easy tool to use, customers can tweet about it in seconds, and in the end, you get more downloads and more views on your website. Obviously, you want to make it only downloadable from your site to get maximum exposure. Of course, the tool is totally free.

This is a great tool to keep track of some of the ideas you have. A lot of us reading have to upkeep a blog, and sometimes we have great post topics we think of, but over time we forget about them. You can use this tool to save your ideas, and your ideas can be easily searched. It also works on mobile devices.

This is a tool that helps you search blogs, twitter, Facebook, news, images, and social buzz for different keywords. By typing in “SEO” on the twitter option, you can find tweets about SEO, Twitter profiles about SEO, and anything else SEO related on twitter. This is a great tool for finding twitter followers, blogs to comment on/build relationships with, Facebook profiles to like/interact with, and beyond.

Like Icerocket, this tool can help you find twitter followers. Since this website is only designed for finding twitter followers, you have a lot more capabilities and success than Icerocket. This is great for those lowly twitter profiles with little to followers & interaction.

This website lets you create a profile and save links from twitter and any other links you want to add. You can add RSS feeds, interact with other users, and build relationships. You can turn this into a great library of searchable links.

If you ever update your blog, this is the tool to use to let blog services no about it. Pingomatic is a ping service that is simple and to the point. It saves your blog’s information so each time you visit after the first, just click “Send Pings” and your done. There are other ping services, but in most cases I only use this one when I update my blog.

This unique website helps brands and websites connect with influential online publishers to help get the word out. It also gives you analytics & data on your content, social media presence, and more. It’s a great set of tools for maximizing your content’s exposure. Recently Post Rank has been acquired by Google, so we’ll have to wait and see what direction these tools are heading in.

Lastly, we have Bit.ly (but we all know about Bit.ly!). You may think bit.ly is just a URL shortening website, but little did you know how much SEO value bit.ly links can have when you customize the links. Bit.ly allows you to add keywords in the shortened URL to help your content rank for the terms it wants to. This is a powerful tool – by using this in twitter and other social media sites, the more these links get passed around, the more you’ll see your content skyrocket up the SERPs.


Hopefully you can put some of these free SEO resources and tools to work, because they all offer something that can be extremely useful. If you have any other free websites/tools like the ones, please let me know in the comments below. I love feedback from my readers :).

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Free SEO Resources To Take Advantage of