Build Links, Fight Cancer

by Jon Cooper

In the past couple weeks, there are a couple of things you guys have been asking for:

I knew I had to get these to you guys, so I decided to meet you half way. In exchange for both of those, you have to help me fight cancer.

I’m a part of Relay for Life, the main volunteer-driven cancer fundraising event of the American Cancer Society. I’ve had family members fall victim to cancer, and I’ve seen way too many people I know lose friends & relatives to cancer, and quite frankly, we need to do something about it.

All the money from what I’m about to tell you about is going to this fundraising event (yes, every penny). I’m even paying for the service that helps me sell these items.

The first thing I’ll be giving you is the 12 emails I’ve sent out so far via my newsletter. This totals to over 3,500 words and 15+ easy, specific link opportunities. I could tell you how great they are, but I’d rather let some of you guys do it for me.

I receive two link building emails on a weekly basis. One is from Eric Ward and the other is from Jon Cooper. You’d expect that as the former is paid for and the latter is free that there would be a quality gap? There is. Jon’s advice is easy to understand, quick to replicate and has helped me improve visibility in the SERPs for a number of search terms.



Jon’s link building newsletter is great because it is extremely actionable. Each email lists a few sites that you can get a high-quality link from and an explanation on how to get them. You get an email, you get some links. It’s as easy as that. Every link builder can use a few easy wins, and Jon provides those regularly to your inbox.



Jon’s email newsletter contains actionable linkbuilding tips simple enough to be immediately implemented by any SEO, regardless of previous experience in the industry. Providing concise explanations and concrete examples, the tips identify a wide variety of scalable opportunities to help build SEO value to your site. I continue to look forward to new posts on PointBlankSEO and Jon never disappoints!



I signed up for Point Blank SEO’s newsletter because of the great news and tips he provided through Twitter. The best part about his newsletter though is the information he provides via email is even better than the Tweets. His 10 for 10 campaign actually had me wanting to receive his newsletter.



I subscribed to the Point Blank SEO email newsletter a couple of months ago. I own a small SEO agency, and Jon’s constant link building tips have opened up our minds with new link building ideas and strategies, allowing us to obtain new links in effective and creative ways. I recommend anyone with a website to subscribe to Point Blank SEO.



I started learning about SEO just over two years ago. I realized that what makes someone a successful SEO is the ability to build quality backlinks. The tips on Jon’s website and also in his newsletter were really helpful to me. After reading Jon’s advice I was able to secure a very helpful blogroll link on a high ranked site in my niche. After a few weeks of implementing the tips from Jon’s newsletter one of my sites has gone from page 8 to page 1 for a very competitive term.



The second thing I’ll be giving you is my link building strategies post in PDF form. This makes it super easy to read and send to others. If you need to constantly reference a giant list of link building strategies for ideas, this is a no brainer.

So, if you’re ready to learn link building like never before & make a huge difference at the same time, buy this now for only $7.

Again, I’m not making a dime off of this – all of the money is going towards the American Cancer Society.

UPDATE: since you guys asked, I added the ability to buy multiple copies so you can give more to the cause.

2ND UPDATE: If you buy 3+ copies, I’ll give you a link on this post. Since it’s for a good cause, and since the tips you’ll be getting are some of my best stuff, it’s a win-win. Buy the copies then leave a comment below with your link & a short little description (FYI – if it looks spammy, I’ll edit it).

Carolyn from PEO Compare bought 15 copies!! I think she deserves two links for that; she helps small businesses find PEO Services.

Ian Howells from Halo 18 bought 10 copies! Not only does he have a huge heart, but he’s also one of the SEOs I respect most in the industry. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you follow him on Twitter – not because he helped the cause, but because he’s great at what he does.

Jeramie Fortenberry bought 3 copies! He’s a probate attorney from Fortenberry Legal, a law firm providing probate and estate planning services online.

Craig Madison bought 3 copies! He’s a Web Designer & SEO who’s been working on the Web since 2004.

Timothy Kelsey bought 3 copies! He helps businesses with Internet Presence Management at his firm Pronto Marketing.

Graeme bought 3 copies! He sells Cheap Rugs in the UK.

Samuel Phillips, who purchased 3 copies, is a Newcastle Probate Solicitor.

Graham from Pond Keeper, a leading supplier of Pond liners also purchased 3 copies.

Donna Duncan, a Philadelphia search engine optimization consultant, bought 5 copies!

Jim from AmericanWineryGuide.com bought 3 copies! He is helping wine tourists discover America’s best wineries.

Donnie Cooper loves this link building blog and says he’ll donate to anything I’m promoting. That makes him super cool in my book. Check out this blog post on why SEO sucks.

William Vicary from 3WhiteHats, a Digital Marketing Agency in Cornwall purchased 3 copies.

Dutch internet marketeer and SEO Martijn Oud also bought 3 copies.

Iain from Enterprising Internet bought 3 copies, they offer a professional internet marketing service in the UK with outstanding personal service.

Charles Sipe from Cool Marketing Stuff and Spark Plug Digital bought 6 copies!

Thanks guys! I really appreciate what you’re doing.

This post was written by...

Jon Cooper – who has written 129 posts on Point Blank SEO.

Jon Cooper is a link builder based out of Gainesville, FL. For more information on him and Point Blank SEO, visit the about page. Follow him on Twitter @PointBlankSEO.

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  1. Social SEO says:

    The $7 for such strong work product is a pretty simple equation. I was thinking you might want to add a DONATE button to the page and let those of who know someone who got a 2nd chance to add to the kitty?

  2. Ian says:

    Seconded on the donate button. Or give the option to adjust the quantity on the order page.

  3. Great Stuff, glad you decided to not only publish a pdf version but also contribute to an awesome charity. Just bought one copy and will probaly purchase more for my colleagues. Thumbs up!!

  4. milkmen says:

    I just reached my 2 year mark – cancer free! Props to Jon from all of us that have battled or are battling this gnarly disease. I’ve been involved in SEO since 2005 and I can tell you that you won’t find a more thorough list of natural link building strategies. If you can send an email, you can follow these tips. $7 – no brainer.

    • Jon Cooper says:

      That’s fantastic news Cody! Glad to know you beat cancer 🙂

      By the way – I know I already left a comment on your blog, but thanks for that awesome post you wrote up about Point Blank SEO!!!

  5. It’s great to see you getting behind this Jon. The post itself is worth the money, but to be able to contribute to this cause makes it a no-brainer. I hope this is generating a strong response.
    For the link, I sell cheap Viagra in online casinos and would like anchor text for both. Just kidding. We are a law firm providing probate and estate planning services online.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I’m glad this is a win-win! Seriously impressed with your stuff, Jon, so I’m glad to help fight cancer, too!

  7. Anthony Pensabene says:

    You’re doing a good thing,, dude. Remember the article weeks back on Moz re: charities? (http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/is-charity-an-impulse-purchase) Many were discussing how its difficult to connect with potential givers. Allowing for blogger participation/spreading awareness could be a great tactic. I really like how local commerce is getting a social push through ‘cash mobs,’ I know in some instances, bloggers are organizing/inspiring the crowds. Perhaps charities should look into partnering with bloggers (or ‘influencers’ [http://www.seomoz.org/blog/how-to-increase-the-odds-of-your-content-going-viral-whiteboard-friday]- from other Moz post) for more effective campaigns. Keep up the good work, Jon.

    • Jon Cooper says:

      Interesting post. I think to make the kind of impact we want to make we have to give a little something in return for the donations. It sounds bad when you have to (i.e. what ever happened to straight-up donations?), but that’s just the way things are sometimes. In my case, I repurposed some content that people loved (the few that did: Only about 100 email subscribers saw my first couple emails).

      I think the idea of connecting with bloggers for charities is awesome. I’ve had an idea, although I haven’t shared it, but here it is: donating links. For example, instead of making donations, we could use the link power we have on the Web to link to charities. Links = more search traffic, and more traffic = more donations. Don’t know what you think about this, but I thought I’d share it.

      Thanks Anthony!!

      • Anthony Pensabene says:

        I love the link donation idea. My only fear would be a dynamic like showcased in Dr. Pete’s post the other day, What happens when you build traffic w/o a community? I would hope more traffic would produce more donations; regardless, our industry can hugely help charity. For instance, re: building a community. Perhaps charities need ongoing,, recognizable bloggers who build communities rather than relying on ‘hollywood’ faces who command sheep.

        For instance, I hate C; it took several family members of mine. I know to donate and have; but, when I saw someone (familiar to me) call for support,, it hit me on a more powerful level. I hope the relations bloggers build with readers, industry cohorts, clients, etc. will have more a salient impact, prompting people to give and realize the importance of even the smallest contributions. Think of how we all rallied against SOPA; we had a community; we discussed; people took ‘action.’ That’s what charities need – that kind of community.

        • Jon Cooper says:

          I couldn’t agree more Anthony. Traffic is like throwing mud at a wall, and a community is what makes it stick. You can get a load of people to come to a website, but it takes a community to keep them coming back & eventually donating.

  8. The main thing in that post which impressed me is charity against Cancer. while going through i wants to let you know that my elder brother also suffers from that disease and now he is fine however i thinks about those who had nothing to spend to fight against such disease. your charity really impressed me. will surely contribute some to it.

  9. Anthony Pensabene says:

    Dude, DO NOT disband your idea. It’s a gem. I think you should ping some ‘influencers’ in our community. Maybe we can get something going like inbound.org for charities. SEO still emits a foul odor for some outside (and inside) the industry. If we ‘branded’ ourselves as the industry that aids with online (cause isn’t that what we’re becoming? (just search engines?); we’re becoming all-around ‘online optimizers’) charity production, particular dark hues re SEO industry views may come out in the wash. Place some more thought into your idea, Jon. We can do a lot of good.

  10. Craig says:

    Hey Jon, Just picked up 3 copies. A great cause, and when I originally read your “link building strategies” post, I thought it would be great to have a nicely formatted printable version.
    I was considering giving the 2 extra copies I purchased to a couple of friends but at $7 a pop, I think I will just send them over to buy their own 🙂

  11. Fahad says:

    That’s an awesome work to which i guess everyone can contribute to save some lives around patients dealing with caner. Good Work Jon !!

  12. Iain says:

    Hi John

    I just picked up the three copies. I’m delighted and upset, I actually spent way too much time last week making your post into a printable list that i have right under my screen for easy reference and then you do it for me 😉

    Good luck

  13. Donna Duncan says:

    Hi Jon,
    I’m a true fan of your blog and, like so many others, deeply touched by cancer.
    This required no thought. But I do like the bonus link idea. Can you give me one labeled “Philadelphia search engine optimization consultant”?

  14. Marie says:

    I just found your blog while reading an seo blog I love to follow. You caught my attention with two subjects that are very near and dear to my heart. This is truly a good cause and not only are you giving us something I also feel like I am helping with the cancer fight! I can’t wait to read more of your articles and I look forward to your newsletters! keep up the good work!!

  15. Jim Finley says:

    Jim from AmericanWineryGuide.com bought 3 copies! He is helping wine tourists discover America’s best wineries.

  16. Charles Sipe says:

    Thanks for your great work! I just donated on behalf of http://coolmarketingstuff.com (marketing book recommendations and marketing career interviews).

  17. Mat Bennett says:

    Mat Bennett runs a Hampshire Digital Marketing Agency. He has bought 3 copies as revision for some of his team with the strict instruction that they must also sign up to Jon’s mailing list!

  18. Young Truong says:

    Just donated on behalf of Sparkplug Digital (www.sparkplugdigital.com). Happy to support this great cause!

  19. Come on, I bought 15 copies, I thought maybe at least a shout out!

    Jon, I love your content, it’s great to work with you and we are really making strides by following your advice! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into you blog. It is much appreciated by all of us at PEOcompare.com!

  20. Iain says:

    Me too John, even gave you the description, I feel very sad and lonely over here in the corner without my link.


  21. Henrik says:


    Great idea, and I would like to donate, as i also have the problem close to me as my sister is fighting – and to help and get a great link – thats a win win – but how to do it? I cannot find the link?

    I am from Denmark – so what about I donate to the danish organisation?

    Best regards

  22. markadoi84 says:

    Hey Jon, is this offer not available any more? It’s a great idea and I’d be happy to donate $7 for a great cause (my Mum has had cancer 3 times) and also get the emails you sent out before I discovered this blog.

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