Cool Startups That Link Builders Can Take Advantage Of

by Jon Cooper
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If you’re like me, then you monitor the headlines coming out of sites like TechCrunch and Killer Startups for new companies that you can take advantage of for links & content. Lately, there have been a few that have really started to spark some ideas.

In no particular order, here are 7 I’ve been getting excited about.


Even though it’s in Beta, this tool, like Piktochart, is yet another fantastic non-link-building link building tool. This allows you to easily create amazing cartoon-like presentations and videos (in this case, I’m more interested in the videos).

Remember how in my visualizations post I talked about not having a great solution for video? Well, now I do.

It gets better: they have a Fiverr-like Marketplace for having professional Powtoonists (great word, isn’t it?) create the presentations/videos for you!

Now that it will be easy to create kick ass videos like this, and because videos can be embedded, I think we’ll start seeing video embeds being used as sole content entities for links just like we do with infographics.


This is a startup all about smarter internal linking for a better user experience. Although it’s still a little unknown how we can use it for SEO, I still think we’ll be hearing from it more & more in the future as it gets introduced to our community.


It’s not new, because I’ve been using it for about 3-4 months now, but most of you don’t know about it. Yesware is an “email platform for salespeople” in Gmail (notice the tie in to sales?).

Out of all the Gmail plugins I can think of, this is by far my favorite. Think of it like a smarter canned responses.


This is a new website that hopes to be “the next big online business directory”. Although it’s not much at all while still in the early stages of Beta, it might be a directory down the line that all link builders for business sites should know about.


A new email productivity tool that boasts that it’s the “future of email”. It works with your existing Gmail account, so once again, Gmail is the place to be for productivity. Check out the demo here.


This is yet another new data visualization tool in Beta. I just requested an invite, so I can’t tell you really anything about it, but unlike a lot of the tools in my visualizations post, this seems to be more general data viz than just infographics.


This is a new platform that helps make your content go viral. When content goes viral, it usually leads to links. Lots of them.

Here’s how it works: advertisers upload content, set a campaign budget & CPC, then users browse the content & share it. When users share it, they ear points that can be redeemed for rewards or cash.

Are there any recent startups that I missed that you can use to build links? I’d love to hear your finds below in the comments. If it’s good enough, I’ll add it above & send a link your way.

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  1. Ricky Shah says:

    That’s a really creative idea to create a backlink to our money site. I for one never even thought in my wildest dream that one can leverage advantage out of new start-ups.

  2. A really great list to start with… I never thought that startups can help a lot to build quality links. Thanks, mate!

  3. Will says:

    Hey Jon!

    I’d tip my hat to http://venngage.com – I’ve been working with their infographic creation tool for a while now – seems to be one of the “better” platforms in creating real infographics based on data you’ve researched yourself as opposed to using straight up templates.

  4. Gene Miller says:

    Thanks for the post Jon! I wish more of these companies were out of beta so we could try them out as opposed to just reading about them. Maybe you’ll do a follow-up piece when they are all released?

  5. Jessica says:

    Great list, Jon. It’s absolutely necessary now to keep looking for these new link building opportunities, and thanks to pioneers like you, our job is made easier :)

  6. Tom says:

    Hat’s off to you Jon for pulling the Powtoon plum from the pie, this is just what I’ve been looking for.

  7. Dave Fowler says:

    Hi Jon, take a look at http://viralcontentbuzz.com/, a new social sharing service just launched in beta by the folks at MyBlogGuest. Its a broadly similar concept to Virurl except that rather than getting paid to share, you earn credits to get your own content shared socially by sharing others’ content through your own profiles. What I like about it is that nothing is automated; you control whether and what content to share, so the whole thing feels genuine and non-spammy. Simply, you help others gain a wider audience and then benefit from the same, a way to gain visibility that offers an indirect link-building opportunity.

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