Case Study: My Guest Post on the SEOmoz Blog

by Jon Cooper

One of the most preached link building strategies out there is guest blogging. The exposure, traffic, and links you can get from a guest post are worth more than taking the time to write it. I can tell you all day about how great it is, but I’d rather show it. I recently guest posted over at the SEOmoz blog, and the results I got were astounding. If you’re not a guest blogging fan by the end of this, then you need to rethink whether or not you’re sane.


Here’s a graph of my referring traffic when my post got published:

Guest Post Traffic

At the very beginning of this graph, there’s a slight jump in referring traffic. This is when my post got promoted in the YOUmoz section (SEOmoz’s community blog area). A few days later, the traffic died down a bit, but then something happened: my post was of such high quality that it was promoted to the main blog! Yes, this is the same blog guys like Rand Fishkin & Will Critchlow are posting on. What does this mean? An insane amount of exposure. Just a day after it got promoted to the main blog, I hit nearly 400 visitors in referring traffic in one day, all from one post that took me only a couple hours to write! Not only was this a fantastic source of traffic when it was published, but it’s constantly sent traffic to my blog, even after 2+ weeks (I still get around 10-20 people a day from it).


Because this is a link building blog, I’ll show you what this meant in terms of links. First of all, I gained two highly authoritative links to my blog: one to my home page & one to my link building techniques page. Those two alone are awesome because of the page authority of the post & the domain authority of SEOmoz, but it gets even better. Because the blog is so renown, the content got syndicated 30 or 40 times, which netted me an extra 60-80 links. ALL FROM ONE GUEST POST!


When I thought I had reaped all the benefits possible, I received even more. I was barely promoting my RSS (which you NEED to subscribe to), but here’s what happened to my Feedburner stats:

Guest Post RSS Subscribers


The green line is the number of subscribers and the blue line is reach, which I didn’t care about because my content wasn’t recently published. I jumped from about 20 to 80 RSS subscribers from this one event. That’s 60 people that could potentially become regular visitors to my blog! Granted 80 isn’t much, I wasn’t promoting my blog whatsoever before this event, so I’m pretty happy with that number (today I’m over 100, which I’m very proud of considering how brand new this blog is & the lack of promotion I’ve engaged in!).


If it all seemed to good to be true, I also ended up getting numerous offers to do SEO for various people. If I did SEO full time, these would of added up to a very big chunk of clients, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to bring on most of them (I brought on 2 clients because I love putting my strategies into play, seeing the results, and sharing them with you guys!). What this means is that if you’re a consultant that has a blog, a guest post like this could be the best investment you could ever make.


Why Was It So Successful?


There are four main reasons why I think the post was so successful.


1. My post was on a relevant blog


Because my guest post was on a blog that had an audience who wanted to read what I had to say, people were engaged, willing to check out my blog, and willing to share the post.


2. My post was on a popular blog


SEOmoz is one of the most authoritative SEO blogs on the web (actually, probably thee most authoritative), so when my content went live, it got thousands of eyeballs looking at my content.


3. My content was of high quality


If you’ve checked out the post, I got 71 thumbs up and one thumbs down (what a jerk!). I got almost no negative comments, and as you know, it got promoted to the main blog for a reason. The post was tweeted over 450 times, which drove a high amount of referring traffic to the post. All of this was because my blog was on a topic people wanted to know about!


4. I had an awesome byline


If you hadn’t read the line “Author Bio” right above my byline, you would have never known it was a promotional paragraph. I told people if they wanted to find out more about various link building techniques, they should go to my blog; that’s why I got almost 1,000 people over 2 weeks via the two links I posted.





Even more successful than I could have anticipated, my guest post sent some serious link love & traffic to my blog, all because I took the time to find a relevant & high trafficked blog to post on, create an awesome piece of content on a highly popular topic, and write an awesome byline. Guest blogging is the epitome of where links & traffic meet beautifully.



Thanks for reading! If you found my blog via my guest post on SEOmoz, please tell me in the comments why you kept coming back. If you have any other questions or comments about the guest post or about guest blogging in general, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Please subscribe by RSS or follow Point Blank SEO on twitter!

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