Oct 23

The (Previously) Unwritten Rules of Outreach

by Jon Cooper

For what it’s worth, outreach doesn’t get much love.

There’s nothing wrong with prospecting, but everyone seems to focus on it and forget the actual nitty gritty of outreach.

Although these rules can be applied to other strategies, I’m going to be breaking down outreach for broken link building, just because it’s one of the few quality things that can be scaled at the moment. 

Oct 15

People Online Are Real

by Jon Cooper

Today I just got an email saying that I was a “prodigy”. About a month ago I was called a “legend”. Heck, I was even called an “SEO celebrity” at one point.

But why is that? Why do we build up people we follow online way more than we should? Why do we keep forgetting that the people we follow are real & just like us?

This past weekend I met up with John …

Oct 1

How I Use Content for Link Building

by Jon Cooper

When most people think content for link building, they think “link attraction” (hands off link building that starts and ends with you hitting publish).

Even though that’s a strategy we all aim for (who doesn’t want links to build themselves?), that’s not how I use content for link building.

Here’s my process:

Find interest –> Create targeted content –> Smarter outreach

Essentially, I’m creating content for the purpose of better outreach. 

Sep 24

Introducing the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course

by Jon Cooper

Breathe in, breathe out.

After 3-4 months of writing, editing, design mockups, design tweaks, formatting, and feedback, I’ve finally finished my link building course for beginners & experts.

You can check it out here right now, but I urge you to please read on.

First of all, it’s nowhere near finished. That’s why this course is completely different than anything you’ll find on the Web. This is for a couple reasons:

Continuous improvement with …

Sep 17

The Part of Content Marketing Everyone Skips Over

by Jon Cooper

Before you even start reading an article, blog post, infographic, or anything else online, you’ve already made a few critical assumptions about it. These assumptions quickly become facts in your mind, and it’s VERY unlikely they’ll ever change.

The reason behind this is the same one that’s responsible for people going to important meetings wearing suits, not t-shirts.

In terms of content, as well as many other things, presentation is vital. Design is what sets your …

Sep 3

5 Jaw Dropping Tips for Guest Posting Success

by Matt Geer

This is a guest post from Matt at PlugThingsIn.com.

There are a lot of tips and tricks floating around the web for how to guest post the right way. These tips include things like making sure you use the site owner’s name in the salutation and that you should never use a template email.

Yawn… right!?!

I have some better tips for you. You see, I was a contractor for a company that built …

Aug 23

Making A Case for Contentless Link Building

by Jon Cooper

Trust me, I’ve seen content work, and I use it all the time in link building. I’m not saying content is irrelevant when it comes to links (stating that would be pure insanity).

However, we all need to take a step back and think about what we’re breathing in as practically the gospel. Joel Klettke talked about this on Twitter recently:

I know we’re all gracefully stumbling into the whole content marketing, new wave thing. …

Aug 8

You See A News Story, I See An Opportunity

by Jon Cooper

NOTE: A lot of the 404s were corrected and now have redirects. I wrote this post about 5 days ago while they were still 404ing; I wanted to publish it immediately, but because of an unforeseen issue, I couldn’t get it out until this very moment. I still wanted to publish it because you can learn something from this example, regardless if this specific example is no longer a reality.


And this year’s biggest …

Jul 29

Where the Majority of Link Juice Is On The Web

by Jon Cooper

Bear with me as I try and introduce this brand new concept.

Let’s be honest. We all like getting big, juicy links, but they’re far and hard to come by.

It’s also frustrating to see blogs like my own that gets linked to naturally from other blogs, because that’s extremely difficult to do (and if you aren’t frustrated, you should be!). But it’s not because I write great stuff, or my blog’s design, or anything …

Jul 22

Authority Guest Blogging Minus the Links & Traffic

by Jon Cooper

Stop. This isn’t the typical guest blogging post. I’m here to open you up to an entirely new game that guest blogging will introduce us to, and no, this has nothing to do with links & traffic. I’m really sorry because this is a link building blog, but please, keep reading.

Now that we have authorship markup, there’s a lot more at play when it comes to guest blogging. I’ll get straight to the …

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